You want your writing to captivate and connect with your audience. You want to draw your readers into the world you’ve created. And you want to be taken seriously. So, you’re looking for the right editor to help give your writing a professional edge.

As a trained editor and proofreader, my aim is to rid your manuscript of errors while making it more readable. I’ll make sure your sentences flow smoothly, free from any distracting inaccuracies and inconsistencies, awkward syntax or repetition. I’ll also check that the nuts and bolts of punctuation, spelling and grammar are correct, enabling you to publish and share with confidence. 

I offer a combination of line and copy-editing which focuses on your writing at word and sentence level, balancing creative style with technical accuracy. If your work has already been edited, then proofreading is the final check and polish before publication. And if you’re looking for developmental help, a manuscript critique, which provides constructive and honest feedback on the big-picture elements of your novel such as plot, structure and characterization, might be just what you need.

If the prospect of an editor going through your pride and joy makes you shudder, rest assured I’ll treat it with a delicate touch. Any amendments and suggestions will be clearly marked for you to either accept or reject. It’s your work – you have complete control. My role is to help you connect with your readers in an engaging and accessible way, without altering your unique voice or style.


‘When we first started working together she took my very raw manuscript and, having read it, convinced me that she could make it fit to publish. I remember feeling a surge of confidence from her encouragement and set to work with a will on the corrections and suggestions she provided to me.’

William V Kelly, author Until the Fat Man Sings, Place in the Sun


‘I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nicky’s editing of A Crazy French Rhythm – my first attempt at a novel. It came in exactly when she said it would, and although I was reasonably pleased with what I had written, Nicky had tightened it up beautifully, allowing the narrative to flow far more easily. Her editorial style sheet was incredibly helpful, and her observations of my writing habits embarrassingly accurate! Including overuse of exclamation marks!’

Carolyn Ross, author Tony Hart, A Portrait of my Dad


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