Line and copy-editing

You’ve spent a lot of time in the company of your writing and know it inside out. But will your readers understand what you mean, or might they be confused? I’ll highlight plot or narrative inconsistencies and clarify any ambiguous phrasing. I’ll also tighten your prose and improve pace by eliminating redundant language and repetition. And I’ll make sure your readers aren’t distracted by inaccurate facts or awkward syntax.

Put simply, line editing – also known as stylistic editing – focuses on improving your writing by ensuring that your writing is artful in the way that it flows, and correct and consistent in the way that it’s presented. Copy-editing aims to correct the writing by making sentences and paragraphs clear in meaning and consistent in style. 

I offer a combination of line and copy-editing, balanced according to the individual needs of the text. If your budget only allows for one editing process, my advice would be to make it this one. As well as checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation, I’ll focus on areas such as:

  • improving style and flow
  • avoiding repetition, ambiguity and awkward syntax
  • character and plot inconsistencies
  • point of view and narrative voice inconsistencies
  • avoiding crutch words and redundant language
  • consistency of tense and detail
  • loose ends and timing issues
  • dialogue, beats and tagging
  • showing and telling
  • appropriate choice of language for your audience
  • avoiding lazy metaphors and clichés
  • checking for accuracy and correcting basic factual errors
  • flagging up potential legal and sensitivity issues (but it will be your responsibility to check and organise if permissions are needed)
  • adhering to your chosen style guide,whether that be the Chicago Manual of Style, New Oxford Style Manual or your own personal choice
  • creating a personalized style sheet

Line and copy-editing prices start at 13€* per 1,000 words, depending on length, complexity and the level of editing required, and include two passes. Projects with a word count below 5,000 will be charged at an hourly rate of 35€*.


‘I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nicky’s editing of A Crazy French Rhythm – my first attempt at a novel. It came in exactly when she said it would, and although I was reasonably pleased with what I had written, Nicky had tightened it up beautifully, allowing the narrative to flow far more easily. Her editorial style sheet was incredibly helpful, and her observations of my writing habits embarrassingly accurate! Including overuse of exclamation marks!’

Carolyn Ross, author Tony Hart, A Portrait of my Dad


How it works

For line and copy-editing, I use Word Track Changes. You’ll receive your work clearly marked up with my suggestions, corrections and queries, which you are free to accept or reject – this way, you can see exactly what I’ve done. 

Where applicable, you’ll also get a personalized editorial style sheet which keeps track of style preferences, characters, timelines and settings.

If you’re not familiar with Track Changes or other useful Word tools such as Styles, just let me know and I’ll provide you with some clear and helpful resources.


sample edit

If you’d like me to edit a sample of your writing so that you can decide if I’m the right fit for you, then I’d be happy to do so. It’s also a good way to establish the foundations of our working relationship and ensure that your expectations are being met. A sample edit of approximately 1,000 words will cost 35€*. If you decide to go ahead, then I’ll deduct this fee from your first invoice. 


‘Nicky presented her corrections in a caring and gentle manner. This attribute I found essential as it fostered an excellent relationship between writer and editor.’

William V Kelly, author Until the Fat Man SingsPlace in the Sun



If the total fee is more than 200€, or to reserve a slot in advance, a deposit of 50% is required with the balance due on completion. Otherwise, payment is due in advance unless previously agreed. The minimum charge is 35€*.

If your work is urgent and requires me to work unsociable hours – early mornings, evenings or weekends – then I can be flexible but my rates will be higher accordingly.

I’m a Spanish resident and registered as autónomo. My fees are in euros and I accept payment by bank transfer to my Spanish bank account. Please click on the links to view or download my terms and conditions and privacy policy.



Please bear in mind that no editor or proofreader is perfect! While I will do my job to the best of my ability, I cannot guarantee that the end result will be 100 per cent error-free. And while I wish you every success, I make no promises that your book will become a bestseller as a result of my services.


Interested? Then don’t hesitate any longer! Click here to contact me for a no-obligation quote.

* Fees inclusive of IVA (Spanish VAT) at 21%.